A few years ago, two friends and hunting partners came together with a vision of providing a waterfowl experience like no other. Flatland Waterfowl is located in Central Kansas and blessed to be in one of the biggest staging areas for waterfowl on their migration down the Central Flyway. Our passion is to provide memories and capture the experience of this unique area.

Flatland Waterfowl’s combination of knowledge, experience, and history of success has given them the recognition of leaders in the state. With neighboring Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Refuge holding over a million birds, hunters will have the chance to harvest a variety of species and see thousands of birds in a days time. The commitment for excellence and quality is the number one goal.


Zach Simon- owner

Zach is a full time hunter, and known for his passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors. When not hunting for waterfowl, he is a flyfishing and raft guide in Colorado during the summer.


Phil Freeman- owner

Phil is a local native and the most knowledgeable man in the area. Being a full time farmer, he has established many relationships with local farmers and able to keep track of every move the birds make.