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    Thanks for checking out our blog page. At Flatland Waterfowl, we always love to share stories from our hunts and provide news for upcoming events. Stay in touch and please check in on us for new blogs and pics from the hunts. -Zach

Now booking 2011-2012 Speck Hunts

We are blessed to be in a perfect staging area for Specklebelly’s on their migration south. We recommend our guest to stay at our lodge for some great comforts and excellent goose hunting. Guest will also be able to harvest Canadas and Snows during the hunt. This is a great bonus, plus gives you plenty more chances for shooting. If you have any questions please contact us about dates or location. Flatland Waterfowl is nationally known for our Speck hunting and has been recognized in many TV shows and videos. We hope to share a hunt with you soon and get you that trophy speck.

“Pass It On” donation hunt

Flatland Waterfowl, is excited to tell everyone about our donation hunt for “Pass It On” outdoors on February 4th.  Mike Christensen the director of this great program, and I have collaborated a weekend for four paired Big Brothers and Little Brothers, to get a chance at some great Kansas goose hunting. The guys will arrive the evening of February 3rd at our lodge to group up and learn the process of hunting geese. We will show and talk about calling, decoy setup, and educate them with all the gear needed to be successful. Specklebelly, Canada, and Snow goose seasons are all open. There should be some great variety, and plenty of chances to practice bird identifying. I know Feb 4th is far away, but this is going to be one of our highlight hunts of the season. A lot of these kids would not have these great hunting opportunities, if it wasn’t for this great program. Here is the link to their website, call Mike and help support a young kid.    http://www.outdoormentors.org/



Summer Fun

Colorado was the place to be this summer. The water was high and flowed at fun levels for a longtime. Otter was happy swimming everyday in the river and I was lucky to kayak some new stretches of river. Here is a few pictures of Otter and I playing during the summer. Also attached is a my write up and pictures on the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  It was the trip of a lifetime and the coolest place I have ever been.


Black Canyon

Getting ready to head back to KS here in the next few days, I’m sad to see the mountains go, but excited for the fall. To close off the season two buddies and I ran the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. If you ever are in CO, stop and look over the rim of this canyon. Black Canyon, is the deepest gorge in CO and one of the deepest in the Untited States. My partners and I did a 5 day self support kayak trip, through the heart of it. Its 2,000 ft deep, with over 20 class V rapids, and the canyon is full commiting. Once you are in, there is not turning back or climbing out. It is extremely difficult to paddle in a kayak, let alone with 40lbs of gear stored inside your boat. There is some manditory portages around river wide strainers and most rapids have a hazards that will kill you. The bottom of this place has only been seen by a few individuals, and I am honored to say I have been in there. The first night we arrivved at the put in and slept in the parking lot ready for the morning to begin. There wasnt much sleep, because of all the nerves and inticipation.
With good weather ahead and full of excitement we entered the heart of the gorge. Right out of the gate was a rapid, called ” Day Wrecker” Class V+. The line was on left, but if you missed the move, there was a drop into a underwater cave and certain death. Sadfully this was the norm for most of the rapids. It is hard to describe this place, but sitting in your boat looking 2000 ft up in a canyon where we didnt see another human being for five days, is unreal. There were some close calls, and I almost died twice, but after all the nerves and amazing rapids, I have to say this was the coolest thing I have ever done. Seeing boulders as big a houses, and catching trout for dinner will stick in my memory forever. Here is a bunch of pics. They still dont do it justice for how beautiful this place is. Hope to catch alot of you guys in the next months, and excited to be back shooting some birds in KS.


Spring Turkeys

It has been a colder spring here than I can remember. Turkeys has always been an excellent  way to enjoy the springtime with close friends or take a young kid hunting. This spring I have been blessed to help a friend with his guiding operation chasing Rios in Central Kansas. His place is top notch and has the best five star hunting in the country for harvesting a nice Tom. Cabelas has his place at the top of their list for quality and success. If you are thinking about adding a Rio to your list of turkeys, look up Doc at Paridise Land and Cattle Outfitters. The dedication to production and quality is unmatched by any other turkey or deer guide in the country. I want to thank all the great groups I have guided of the last couple of weeks. We have had some great times and my stomach still hurts from all the laughs. Here is a few of the photo highlights form their trips.  -Zach


Sunrises of 2010-11 Season

Here in Kansas we are blessed with amazing sites when hunting. The greatest form of God’s paintbrush is his sunrises and sunsets here in our state. Last season, there was a collection of  mornings that gave us the chills from the awesomeness in the sky. Besides having some of the greatest hunting the Central Flyway has to offer, you might be surprised with a wonderful morning site while waiting for the hunt to begin. Here is a tribute to our creator and His beauty from last season.  -Zach

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Ritchey - You have a great ability to capture the moment of every hunt in pictures you take. I am anxious to get out in the field with you and Phil this fall.

Field Proven

We have been blessed with a lot of great supporters and neat relationships centered around our hunting.  Field Hundall and I have been friends for a few years and always stayed in touch through the off season. With his call business growing and our schedules, we have missed connecting for some hunting in my area. Goose migrations at its peak and the weather playing along, we finally had a chance to hunt and film together. The hunting was exceptional,  but not even close to laughs and memories made during the trip. Field was joined by fellow friend and videographer Jory, plus our good Oklahoma native Kip Peck. It was great to see all these guys at camp. The first couple of days was good hunting and made for some nice footage. One highlight, was an evening hunt we setup that had a fast and furious hunt all the way till dark. With only 3 shooters, we managed to shoot our limits of darks (specks and canadas) plus make a pile of snows bringing a total of 34 birds. Not bad shooting for only 3 guns. Field brought a new call we were field testing now called the Matrix. This little fast goose call was the ticket to good responding geese and treat to blow. I do highly recommend you check this new call out. It is small, but sure gets the geese going, especially our little geese. Towards the last day we had found an impressive feed and knew that the mornings shoot was going to be a good one. George Bokhorney, one of my greatest friends from Texas and his son Hank, were going to join us in camp that night and be along for the mornings hunt. Weather was changing fast and going to be a huge differance from the first few mornings. The Weather man was saying 30-40mph winds with gust to 50mph from the North. A little nervous about how that would affect the birds, we decided to setup in the morning and give the guys a great experience. The wind was howling and cold, but kept the birds low to the ground to decoy in close. I have hunted a lot of conditions, but those high winds and low flying geese will stick in my memory for a long time. It felt like the geese took an hour to crawl up the field, to the foot of our decoys. The concern with high winds, is the geese have a longer time to stare at the decoys and pull out. I credit a lot of our success that day, to our Greenhead Gear fully flocked decoys. You cant beat their realism in the field. After a full action morning we had finished our limit and had a good pile of bonus snows to go with it. We are excited for the guys to come back this next season and join us in the field. Flatland Waterfowl and Field Proven Calls has joined up for some great things coming in 2011. Make sure you keep in touch and check out Fields new site Field Proven Calls. That new Matrix call, is a deadly little call and a new favorite on my lanyard. Give his calls a try, his dedication to detail and quality is what makes his calls some of the best in the market.  -  Zach

Flatland’s hardest worker

We want to thank all the guys that have participated in helping Flatland Waterfowl and help to make us as successful as we are today. There is alot of hard work that goes into the process of hunting these geese that could not be done by only a couple guys. It takes mutliple people scouting and a lot of hands to set up a 1000 fullbody decoys everyday. Everyone has a special part, that is equally important, but there is one guy that is the hardest worker of them all. We want to dedicate our season to our best hunting partner Otter, and all the retrieves he has helped us with. With over 1600 birds retrieved last season and mutliple days of zero degrees, the little man didnt slow down once. He is a true guides dog and great champion in the field. Otter impressed us with multiple retrieves over 500-600 yds and battled some of the thickest ice to retrieve birds.

Friend Ira Mcauley of Momarsh Boats has the sister of Otter and she is retrieving machine. We are excited to see what he will be like in the next few years. Here is a selection of photos of Otter kicking butt from this last season. Otter will be with me on the river this summer in Colorado relaxing, and swimming eveyday.  – Zach


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brooks monroe - Zach! The Otter-man is an amazing dog for sure! Thanks to you and Phil for putting us Texas boys on hundreds of thousands of birds, and thanks to Otter’s tireless work. Can’t wait to get up there again for another hunt of a lifetime. -Brooks

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