Kansas and the area we hunt stages close to a million birds. With feeding bird numbers of 40-60,00 birds per field it takes an arsenal of quality equipment and land to succeed. Flatland waterfowl provides the most land and best decoys of any outfitter in our area of the state.  Each hunt will be over 1000 Greenhead Gear full body goose decoys. We dedicate our time to realism and being on the “X” where the birds want to be. This is a combination of great scouting and an excellent knowledge of the region.  Hunters have a chance to shoot Specklebelly, Lesser Canadas,  Snows, and Ducks in a hunt out of nice warm Finsher layout blinds. This is a unique experience for hunters to see huge numbers of birds a day and have the chance to harvest a wide variety of waterfowl.

DAILY GOOSE LIMITS: 2 Specklebelly (white-front). 3 Canadas, 20 snows




Duck hunting in our area is endless with possibility. Kansas has a huge population of Mallards from the North, but also stages a wide of variety of ducks for hunters to choose from. Ducks use our natural moist soil marshes early, to our neighboring agriculture fields, and rivers during the late season. Come join us for some great duck action.





Daily hunts $300
Recommend booking 2 days
Deposit to book dates
Host groups from 2-10 hunters
Kids are welcome and highly encouraged to join
Under 12 free
Corporate groups welcome
Any individual equipment needed can be provided, just ask we are here for you
$100 option for full photo shoot and capture of hunt to share for years with friends




For great late season hunting and great ways to add to a weekend of hunting, Flatland Waterfowl has access to over 50,000 private acres of prime predator territory.

$150 a day per shooter. We have great success with close shots and have most predators taken with in shotgun range.